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Escape from the Box:
The Wonder of Human Potential

By Col. Edward L. Hubbard, USAF (Retired)

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160 pages plus 8 page photo insert, ISBN 0963923137 , $19.95

“...Human potential is nothing more than a state of mind, and that potential is controlled by two things...” —Col. Ed Hubbard


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About the Book and Author
The above quotation forms the heart of this fast moving, hard-hitting, inspirational self-leadership book in which Col. Hubbard shares the valuable lessons he learned during 2,420 days as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. Based on his experience as a POW, Col. Hubbard takes the most negative situation you can imagine and turns it into one of the most positive personal growth transformations you will ever read. His message is for everyone in any walk of life. This is a "must read" book in the tradition of Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.

Escape from the Box will leave you richer, having opened doors for greater understanding of your own unlimited potential. You will laugh, you will learn, and you will sing as you read this book. Moreover, you will feel good about your country, yourself, and your own ability. For you will have discovered “The Wonder of Human Potential.”

Beyond helping him survive as a prisoner, Col. Hubbard’s discovery of “The Wonder of Human Potential” helped him achieve success following his release from prison. In the first seven years following his return to the United States, he completed all requirements for five college degrees in his spare time.

Col. Ed Hubbard wrote Escape from the Box to help others overcome any obstacle, survive any ordeal, and reach any goal by developing the right state of mind.

Praise for Escape from the Box:
As a fellow veteran, Col. Hubbard is to be commended on his efforts in turning an otherwise horrific experience into a positive one, as illustrated in his new book.”
     —Bob Dole, Former United States Senator

“From a harrowing experience in North Vietnam prison camps that would have embittered or crushed a less resilient man, Col. Hubbard has distilled a set of sound, positive, and practical lessons for the fuller realization of our human potential. His insights are well worth reflecting on.”          
     —Townsend Hoopes,
     Former Under Secretary
     United States Air Force

“Col. Hubbard’s experience as a prisoner of war and his belief that human potential has limitless possibilities are important messages for both Americans and American business leaders.”
     —Dr. Joseph S. Bravman, President
     Fairchild Defense

“As an American businessman, I see Col. Hubbards’s principles at the very foundation of the only viable strategy for competing in the global economy of the next century.”
     —John G. Johnson, Vice President
     Manufacturing Operations
     Harris Corporation Electronic Systems Sector

“What an uplifting experience. It’s all about belief in yourself, desire to achieve, and the capacity of the human experience.”
     —Jerry W. Box, Senior Vice President
     Exploration & Production
     Oryx Energy Company

“Truly an inspiration.. will always be remembered.”
     —James F. Lahey, Director
     Total Quality Leadership

“By challenging us all to relearn how to learn, Ed Hubbard teaches us to soar above our expectations.”
     —Larry Shpiner, President
     Catalyst For Change
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